pretiming: NIO.(Nio Inc - ADR) 10-Day NIO stock forecast by pretiming.


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NIO.(Nio Inc - ADR) 10-Day NIO stock forecast by pretiming.

Jul 23, 2021

NIO.(Nio Inc - ADR) 10-Day NIO stock forecast by pretiming.

Closed price





Suitable Investment Position

=> Buy and Hold




Stock market timing forecast by pretiming

The strength of supply and demand(S&D) had a stronger selling flow than a flow in the rising section and it's about to begin an adjustment trend as an upward trend gradually gives way to a slowdown in rises and falling fluctuations in a rising section.

A suitable investment position is Buy(Bullish) and Hold for now. approximately appropriate buying timing is expected to be in 1 day.

The buying date is

Jul 26



A good price to buy a stock:

$ 43.92



And appropriate selling timing is expected to be in 7 days.

The selling date is

Aug 02


Aug 03

A good price to sell a stock:

$ 50.32



(It might be changed by changes in the strength of the supply-demand)

Forecast of S&D strength Trend% for the next 10 days

% Upward direction:


(Max 100%)

% Downward direction:


(Min -100%)

Forecast of Upper~Lower price band for the next 10 days





% Change:




Forecast of stock price trend turning timing

=> Approximately In 2 days, In 8 days

Risk & Profit range ratio forecast

In 1 day:




In 2 days:




In 3 days:




In 4 days:




In 5 days:




Trend & HIGH ~ LOW % band forecast

In 1 day: Entering Adjustment Trend



In 2 days: Returning Upward Trend



In 3 days: Upward Trend




In 4 days: Upward Trend




In 5 days: Upward Trend




Average in case of rising(%CLOSE):



=> HIGH ~ LOW %Band:




Average in case of falling(%CLOSE):



=> HIGH ~ LOW %Band:




Forecasts Variability

The forecast would be a high variability condition. because the supply - demand strength has suddenly changed now that linkage of the trend is unstable.


10-Day, 10-Week Stock market Forecast by pretiming. Get information including Buying & Selling stock forecast, Stock price target predictions, Investment position analysis, Bearish & Bullish stock trend analysis, Stock technical analysis.