pretiming: 07/22/19

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[ ITUB stock forecasts ] Daily Stock Market Investing Strategies by pretiming analysis of Supply-Demand strength flow.


Investing position: In Falling section of high risk & low profit 
S&D strength Trend: In the midst of a downward trend of strong downward momentum price flow marked by temporary rises and strong falls.
Today's S&D strength Flow: Supply-Demand(S&D) strength flow appropriate to the current trend.
Forecast D+1 Candlestick Color : RED Candlestick
%D+1 Range forecast:  1.2% (HIGH) ~ -0.9% (LOW), 0.1% (CLOSE)
%AVG in case of rising: 2.0% (HIGH) ~ -0.7% (LOW), 1.3% (CLOSE)
%AVG in case of falling: 0.5% (HIGH) ~ -2.3% (LOW), -1.7% (CLOSE)