pretiming: CCJ. Cameco Corp stock 10-Day forecast and technical analysis by pretiming.


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CCJ. Cameco Corp stock 10-Day forecast and technical analysis by pretiming.

CCJ Stock 10-Day forecast and technical analysis by pretiming.

Closed price

Mar 06, 2023



Appropriate Investment Position: Buy and Hold

Today's stock price Buy-Sell strength analysis

The current trend is an Adjustment trend. The OPEN-price began with a stronger decline rate than the current trend and The HIGH and LOW prices are weak HIGH-price &, strong LOW-price and then, the CLOSE-price closed with a stronger decline rate than the current trend.

The overall buy-sell strength is that the sell strength is stronger than the buy.

Assuming that the average sell strength is -100%,

Today's sell strength is




Tomorrow's stock price Buy-Sell strength Forecast

It looks like an Adjustment trend tomorrow

Forecast the %strength of Risk & Return:



HIGH ~ LOW % range:




Predicted Average return over the next 3 days:


The similarity between the rise and fall of the US stock

market and CCJ stock price is



because of the high similarity, predicted flow might be changed depending on the flow of the US stock market. If changes are made, the stock flow of the 10 day forecast may change.

CCJ stock price 10 Day forecast

The Buy-Sell strength had a stronger selling flow than a flow in a bullish zone and it's in the midst of an adjustment trend of downward direction box pattern price flow marked by limited rises and downward fluctuations in a bullish zone. and It is likely to change to a bearish zone within a few days.

It's a timing for a strategy to increase profits and a suitable investing position is 'Buy(Bullish) and Hold' for now. approximately appropriate buying timing is predicted to be in 2 days.

The buying date is

Mar 07


Mar 08

A good price to buy a stock:

$ 27.07



And appropriate selling timing is predicted to be in 6 days.

The selling date is

Mar 13


Mar 14

A good price to sell a stock:

$ 28.37



(Forecast may change due to changes in the Buy-Sell strength)

Forecast Variability in pretiming

pretiming forecasting is a highly volatile condition. because the Buy-Sell strength has suddenly changed now that linkage of the trend is unstable.

Forecast of Trend Average Strength % over the next 10 days

Upward %:


(Max 100%)

Downward %:


(Min -100%)

Forecast of Upper~Lower price range over the next 10 days





% Change:




Median price between the upper and lower prices



Prediction of Stock price trend turning point

=> Approximately In 7 days

Prediction of the %strength of Risk & Return

In 1 day


In 6 days


In 2 days


In 7 days


In 3 days


In 8 days


In 4 days


In 9 days


In 5 days


In 10 days


Trend and HIGH ~ LOW % range forecast

In 1 day: Adjustment Trend



In 2 days: Entering Upward Trend



In 3 days: Entering Upward Trend



In 4 days: Rebounding Trend



In 5 days: Upward Trend



CLOSE average in case of rising:



=> HIGH ~ LOW range:




Daily return rate in case of rising:



CLOSE average in case of falling:



=> HIGH ~ LOW range:




Daily loss rate in case of falling:



The gap between return and loss:



Stock forecast is based on the buy-sell strength analysis of pretiming. Get detailed information including best stocks to buy, stock price target and investment strategy, Bearish & Bullish stock trend analysis, stock technical analysis.