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AAPL Stock Enters Correction Phase: Risk Management Needed

The daily chart of AAPL currently indicates a potential shift from the uptrend to a corrective trend, with Thursday, October 12th, appearing to mark the entry point into this correction phase. This corrective pattern is expected to unfold from next Monday to Tuesday, followed by a brief resumption of the upward trend, before continuing the corrective movement. A broader consolidation pattern is anticipated in the near term. Following this consolidation, as we approach mid-October, there are signs of a gradual weakening in the trend, potentially leading the stock into the Bearish zone. Entering the Bearish zone implies a primary downtrend, where the stock experiences a temporary rebound within a strong bearish flow. Considering the overall intensity of this downward movement, the stock is likely to be firmly within a significant bearish trend. Taking these factors into account, it is anticipated that a general bearish trend will prevail from mid to late October. Given these market dynam