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= Pretiming Premium =

Subscribe to Pretiming Premium Service and enjoy various benefits: (P retiming analysis is based on stock price data from the last 120 days / weeks. If there are not enough data, it cannot be analyzed. ) 1. Throughout the subscription period, receive daily Pretiming Analysis Reports and weekly Pretiming Analysis Reports for the selected stocks. 2. During the subscription period, receive daily and weekly Pretiming Analysis Reports for the overall U.S. stock market, including Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P500 indices based on the S&P500 index. For annual subscriptions, monthly analysis reports are provided to consider long-term investment strategies. 3. If you provide information about the trading positions you are interested in for the subscribed stocks, we will tailor the Pretiming Analysis Report based on that information. 4. You can change the subscribed stocks whenever the month changes. This enables flexible adaptation to market conditions and allows you to receive informat

How to view pretiming analysis.

The pretiming analysis system relies on the most recent 120-day data for daily stock prices and the most recent 120-week data for weekly stock prices. Daily stock prices reflect short-term fluctuations, so when there are rapid changes in stock prices, the system can quickly reflect and predict them. On the other hand, When predicting weekly stock prices, short-term variables such as daily fluctuations within the typical weekly price range are not usually considered in the prediction model. As a result, the predicted weekly trend may differ from the expected daily fluctuations. However, if a large upward or downward movement occurs outside the typical weekly price range, it may immediately affect the prediction model and alter the predicted trend for the weekly time frame. This is an important factor to consider when making weekly stock price predictions. A Guide that explains how to view pretiming analysis information pretiming chart < Click on

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= Pretiming Premium =

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