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S&P 500. Potential Shift in S&P 500 Trends: Navigating the Possibility of a Correction

  The daily S&P 500 index has entered a bullish zone today, displaying a favorable upward trend. However, as of January 11th, there is a high likelihood of a shift towards a corrective trend. Given the significance of today's release of Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation indicators, the point at which the correction trend intensifies, there is a possibility of re-entering the bearish zone. If selling pressure strengthens, we could see a return to the bearish zone. Conversely, if the released indicators align with consensus expectations, we might observe a gradual entry into a correction trend or the continuation of the upward trend. Jan 10, 2024 ◆ Closed price 4,783.45 0.57%     ◆ Appropriate Investment Position: Bullish-Buy [Long-term strategy] ◆ Today's Buy-Sell intensity analysis The current trend appears to be 'Uptrend'. The OPEN-price started with a weaker upward rate than the current trend and The HIGH and LOW prices are showing an appropriate HIGH-p

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