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GME. Navigating a Bearish Trend: Maintaining 'Sell and Wait' Strategy for GME Stock.

  Jan 24, 2024       GME stock closing price 14.0 -1.62%             ◆ [Long-term strategy] The current trend zone is Bearish. and Investment position suitable for the trend zone is Sell and Wait.         The trend within a Bearish zone is divided into a 'Downtrend' in the downward direction and a 'Rebound Trend' in the upward direction. In the Downtrend, there is a strong downward flow with occasional upward movements, while in the Rebound Trend, there is a fluctuating flow involving limited or temporary upward movements and downward fluctuations. Investing in this zone is associated with low expected returns and a higher risk of decline.         In a Bearish zone, there is potential for strong selling pressure to persist, resulting in a pronounced downward trend and a relatively weak upward rebound trend. When considering a medium to long-term investment strategy, if the trend moves in t

GME (GameStop) Daily Price Analysis.

Summary: The daily price of GameStop has been in the Bearish zone for 29 consecutive days, with a cumulative decline of -15.7% since entering the Bearish zone based on the closing price at the entry point. Within the Bearish zone, the stock trend can be divided into 'downward trend' and 'rebound trend,' with a noticeable presence of potential selling sentiment. As of November 27th, a shift from the recent rebound trend to a stronger downward trend has been observed, and it is anticipated that this downward trend will continue for the next 2-3 days. Future Outlook: Following this period of increased selling intensity, a rebound trend is expected to resume once selling pressure subsides. However, it is anticipated that the overall bearish trend will persist as buying strength weakens again, and selling intensity strengthens. Given its 68% correlation with the broader U.S. market, fluctuations in the predicted trend may occur based on the overall market sentiment. Despite

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