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TIGR Weekly Trend Analysis and Market Outlook.

Over the past 14 weeks, UP Fintech Holding's weekly trend for TIGR has transitioned from the Bearish zone to the Bullish zone, demonstrating a pattern of both upward and corrective trends. The cumulative increase in the Bullish zone stands at 14.4%. Following a 6-week corrective phase, the trend appears to be re-entering an upward trajectory starting from the end of October. This pattern is expected to continue into the next week, signaling an imminent shift back into the Bullish zone. Temporary fluctuations during this transition might cause minor delays of 1 to 2 weeks. In the short term, the uptrend is anticipated to persist until late November, after which another corrective phase is expected. The magnitude and duration of this corrective phase, if it occurs within the currently predicted range, should allow for a re-entry into the uptrend. However, deviating from these predictions could pose challenges for re-entering the upward trend. Given the 65% correlation with the US sto