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Market Insights: Evaluating Nasdaq's Unexpected Bullish Turn and Potential Correction.

The Nasdaq index has experienced a strong upward trend and a rebound trajectory this week, leading to the current state where the weekly trend has entered the Bullish zone. It is anticipated that the weekly trend will continue within the Bullish zone for the foreseeable future. Moreover, the previously consistent prediction of a downward trend entering from mid-November, characterized by a weakening buying strength and strengthening selling pressure, is expected to undergo some modifications. While it is challenging to determine whether this week's trend is a temporary strong upward movement, based on the volatility observed this week, there is a possibility that the gradual trend with mild buying strength may persist for another 1-2 weeks. However, as it appears to be a point where a peak is forming and the trend has entered the Bullish zone instead of the predicted downward trend, a transition to a correction trend is anticipated. If next week shows a marginal or limited upward m