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AMC Trend Analysis: Navigating Impending Corrections and Long-Term Dynamics.

Daily Trend Analysis: AMC's daily trend has entered the Bullish zone for the past 5 days, indicating an ongoing upward momentum. However, it is anticipated that, starting from the next 1-2 days, buying strength will diminish, leading to a transition into a corrective trend. Given the current trend position at 6% within the Bullish zone, there is a heightened possibility that if the correction intensifies, the trend could shift into the Bearish zone, signaling a potential downtrend. Outlook: 1. A downward pressure trend is expected to persist until early to mid-next week, followed by a potential rebound or upward trend. 2. Longer-term prospects suggest that even if a rebound or upward trend occurs in the latter part of next week, it may be limited and temporary. 3. Overall, there is a high likelihood of weak buying strength and strengthening selling intensity. Mid-to-Long-Term Perspective: Considering the evolving market conditions, continuous analysis will be crucial for adjusting

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