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S&P 500. Daily Trend Analysis: Critical Juncture Ahead

S&P 500 Daily Trend Analysis: Critical Juncture Ahead The S&P 500 entered the Bearish zone four days ago, initiating a downtrend. Currently, a rebound trend is underway. While a short-term entry into the Bullish zone is anticipated, the overall weakening of buying momentum suggests the possibility of maintaining the Bearish zone, indicating a potential continuation of the downtrend. The next 2-3 days will serve as a pivotal juncture, and the direction of buying and selling intensities during this period will likely determine the future trend. If selling pressure strengthens, maintaining the Bearish zone, there is a high likelihood of a sustained downward trend. However, if the current levels of selling and buying intensities persist, a resurgence of the upward trend from the beginning of next week in the Bullish zone is plausible. Given the numerous possibilities at this critical juncture, the flow of the next 2-3 days is of utmost importance. The directional shift in buying an

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