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AMD. Bullish Momentum: Navigating Long-Term Gains with AMD's 'Buy and Hold,' and Short-Term Strategies for Profit Maximization".

Jan 25, 2024       AMD stock closing price 180.3 1.14%             ◆ [Long-term strategy] The current trend zone is Bullish. and Investment position suitable for the trend zone is Buy and Hold.         The trend within a Bullish zone is divided into an 'Uptrend' in the upward direction and a 'Correction Trend' in the downward direction. In the Uptrend, there is a strong upward flow with occasional downward movements, while in the Correction Trend, there is a fluctuating flow involving limited or temporary downward movements and upward fluctuations. Investing in this zone is associated with high expected returns and a low risk of decline.         In a Bullish zone, the potential for strong buying pressure is maintained, leading to a robust upward trend and a relatively mild correction trend. When viewed through a medium to long-term investment approach, if the trend continues to move in the

AMD Stock: Continued Downtrend Expected After Short-Term Rebound

The AMD weekly trend has been in a Bearish zone for the past 13 weeks. Although there was a recent uptrend over the last 3 weeks, this week marks a point where the buying momentum from the uptrend is gradually weakening, and selling pressure is strengthening, indicating a re-entry into a downtrend. It is anticipated that a similar pattern will continue into the next week, with a potentially larger downward movement. Following this trend, it is expected that a downtrend will persist over the next 3 to 4 weeks. A reversal into an uptrend is projected around mid-November. It is worth noting that this prediction is subject to change based on the direction of the US stock market, given the 74% similarity between AMD's trends and the broader US market. Even if a reversal to an uptrend occurs in November, the overall trend is likely to remain within the Bearish zone, limiting potential profits. Any strong upward movement indicating a significant uptrend may require a considerable waiting

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