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AAPL Stock Enters Correction Phase: Risk Management Needed

The daily chart of AAPL currently indicates a potential shift from the uptrend to a corrective trend, with Thursday, October 12th, appearing to mark the entry point into this correction phase. This corrective pattern is expected to unfold from next Monday to Tuesday, followed by a brief resumption of the upward trend, before continuing the corrective movement. A broader consolidation pattern is anticipated in the near term. Following this consolidation, as we approach mid-October, there are signs of a gradual weakening in the trend, potentially leading the stock into the Bearish zone. Entering the Bearish zone implies a primary downtrend, where the stock experiences a temporary rebound within a strong bearish flow. Considering the overall intensity of this downward movement, the stock is likely to be firmly within a significant bearish trend. Taking these factors into account, it is anticipated that a general bearish trend will prevail from mid to late October. Given these market dynam

Short-Term Upswing: Navigating TSLA's Rise with an Eye on an End-of-October Downturn.

  The daily trend of TSLA entered the Bullish zone seven days ago, indicating an upward trend. However, starting from October 11th, it shifted into a correction trend. Over the next 2-3 days, we can expect limited fluctuations between rises and falls, followed by a resumption of the upward trend at the beginning of next week. After this upcoming upward trend, there will be a gradual weakening in the intensity of the rise, eventually leading to a shift into a correction trend. By mid to late October, a significant downturn is anticipated, leading the stock into the Bearish zone. Considering this overall pattern, the current upward movement and the anticipated rise until next week are likely to represent short-term peaks. This period of upward movement could serve as an opportune time for investors to reevaluate their positions, especially in anticipation of the downward trend expected by the end of October. The similarity with the overall trend in the US stock market stands at a substan