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S&P 500 : The S&P 500 index has entered the Bullish zone this week, maintaining an upward trend.

The S&P 500 index has entered the Bullish zone this week, maintaining an upward trend. The current state has transitioned from a rebound trend to an uptrend, as mentioned last week. However, a trend is gradually emerging, indicating a correction trend with a weakening buying momentum, as mentioned in the past week. With this trend likely to continue for a while, temporary strong upward and downward fluctuations are anticipated. It is projected that a transition to a correction trend will occur around the focal point of the next 1-2 weeks. Until early November, the likelihood of entering the Bullish zone seemed low, and from mid-November, a strong downward trend was expected to resume. However, considering the final trend that unfolded until last week in mid-November, it is confirmed that inflation is easing with the release of CPI and PPI indicators. The market sentiment is spreading with expectations of a halt in interest rate hikes and anticipation of a decrease. As a result, the

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