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COIN. Coinbase Global: Analyzing the Bullish Momentum and Navigating Short-Term Corrections.

Introduction: In this report, we delve into the weekly stock trends of Coinbase Global, which entered the Bullish zone since November 13th. The ongoing upward trajectory is expected to continue for the next two weeks. While a correction phase is anticipated from late November to early December, a brief adjustment period is likely before the weekly trend resumes its upward momentum, indicative of a potential Santa rally. Market Analysis: With weakening buying strength and strengthening selling pressure expected in late November, a short correction period is foreseen. However, the overall weekly trend is likely to transition back to a Bullish zone after this brief adjustment, supporting a steady upward movement. Considering the sustained Bullish zone for an extended period, the overall trend direction appears to be consistently upward. Investment Strategy: For medium to long-term investment strategies, a buy-and-hold approach seems favorable until early January. Based on last week's