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Summary: The daily price of GDXU, a 3x leveraged ETN tracking the performance of gold miners, entered the Bullish zone five days ago, signaling a robust upward trend. While there has been a temporary weakening of buying interest in the last 2-3 days, a correction trend seems to be in progress. However, the daily trend is once again showing signs of turning upward, indicating a resumption of the strong bullish momentum. Outlook: This current trend is anticipated to persist in the short term, with a continuous increase in highs. The stability observed in the Bullish zone suggests a consistent flow, and even in the face of correction trends, a brief downturn is expected before resuming the overall upward trend. Given its 69% correlation with the Russell 2000 index, it is advisable to consider the influence of the broader U.S. market trends when making investment decisions. The consistent rise in highs implies a positive outlook, and navigating through short-term corrections is expected to

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