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Understanding META's Trends: Navigating the Shifts in the Stock Market.

  The daily price of META has been in the Bullish zone for 11 consecutive days. After a recent uptrend, it shifted to a correction trend starting from October 12th, indicating a continued correction trend in the near future. Although there might be signs of a return to the uptrend next week, the likelihood of a complete reversal to the bullish trend seems low, with an overall continuation of the correction trend anticipated. As we approach mid to late October, the overall trend is expected to weaken further, entering the Bearish zone and giving rise to a downtrend. In the short term, the expected returns appear modest. Oct 12, 2023 ◆ Closed price 324.16 -1.12%     ◆ Appropriate Investment Position: Bullish-Buy [Long-term strategy] ◆ Today's stock price Buy-Sell intensity analysis The current trend appears to be 'Correction trend'. The OPEN-price started with a stronger upward rate than the current trend and The HIGH and LOW prices are showing a weaker HIGH-price and an