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Market Insights: TQQQ Daily Price Trends and Predictions.

The daily stock price of TQQQ is currently in a bullish zone, indicating an ongoing uptrend. In the short term, the buying momentum is gradually weakening, suggesting a limited upward movement and the possibility of entering a correction trend. It is anticipated that a new short-term uptrend will begin, marked by a resurgence in the uptrend starting from Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Subsequently, a mild correction trend is expected to follow. The daily trend itself is progressing within the bullish zone, indicating strong potential buying strength. Overall, a positive uptrend and a subsequent correction followed by another upward movement are expected. During the uptrend, the expected intraday average high is around 3.3%, and the closing price corresponds to approximately 2.4%. Looking at the daily trend, it is anticipated that the uptrend will continue with stable support levels in the coming weeks, maintaining the bullish momentum. However, starting from the following week, the b

Analyzing TQQQ: Navigating Current Trends and Anticipating Future Market Moves.

The daily trend of TQQQ has been in the bullish zone for the past eight days. Since last Thursday, there has been a corrective trend for about 4 days after a shift from the uptrend. Particularly, today started with a significant increase in selling pressure from the opening, unlike the previous day's flow, starting at a lower opening price. Although there was a sharp change in buying/selling intensity at the opening, the selling pressure weakened and the buying pressure gradually stabilized, leading to a significant recovery in the downtrend by the closing, returning to a gentle corrective trend. In the short term, it appears that this buying momentum is likely to continue, indicating a potential entry into an upward trend over the next 2-3 days. However, due to the uncertain supply and demand conditions, the actual upward movement might differ from the predicted trend. If the market opens low again, there is a high possibility that buying pressure will increase, leading to a recov