TMF Stock Report: Analyzing Bullish Momentum and Potential Bearish Transition.

TMF. TMF. Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares ETF stock for the next 10-Day prediction and technical analysis.

Summary: Over the past 13 days, TMF has exhibited a bullish trend, showing a consistent upward trajectory with a cumulative increase of 7.3%. Despite multiple attempts to enter the bullish zone, the stock has encountered resistance, leading to a continuous adjustment trend within the overall bullish momentum.

Recent Trends: In recent days, TMF has shown signs of attempting to enter the bullish zone, only to revert to the adjustment trend. Today, the market experienced a sudden downturn due to increased selling pressure triggered by Powell's hawkish remarks and rising bond yields. Currently, the daily trend places TMF in the bullish zone at 25%. Although there is a possibility of entering the bearish zone, short-term rebound buying may lead to another bullish trend for the next 2-3 days.

Market Correlation: It is crucial to note that TMF's correlation with the US market is relatively low, standing at 59%. This indicates a moderate level of independence from broader market trends.

Future Outlook: As of the current analysis, the probability of re-entering the bearish zone remains low. However, as we approach mid-November, the likelihood of entering the bearish zone is expected to increase gradually. Investors should closely monitor TMF's performance in the coming days, as market conditions can change rapidly.

If you require further clarification or a more detailed analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to assisting you with your investment decisions.

Nov 09, 2023

Closed price





Appropriate Investment Position: Bullish-Buy [Long-term strategy]

Today's stock price Buy-Sell intensity analysis

The current trend appears to be 'Correction trend'. The OPEN-price started with a stronger decline rate than the current trend and The HIGH and LOW prices are showing a weaker HIGH-price and a stronger LOW-price Finally, the CLOSE-price closed with a stronger decline rate than the current trend.

The overall buy-sell intensity indicates that the sell intensity is stronger than the buy.

Assuming that the average sell intensity is -100%,

Today's sell intensity is




Tomorrow's stock price Buy-Sell intensity Prediction

Based on recent stock trends and technical analysis, it looks like TMF stock will enter an Uptrend tomorrow

The %intensity of Risk & Return tomorrow :


HIGH ~ LOW % range tomorrow :



Predicted Average return over the next 3 days:


The price of TMF stock moves in line with the rise and fall of the stock market index with a probability of



, and conversely, it moves against the stock market index trend with a probability of




TMF stock price 10 Day prediction [Short-term strategy]

It is expected that the overall trend movement over the next 10 days will follow an ascending rectangle pattern, with a ratio of 5 : 5 for the downward to upward direction, with the proportion of the upward and downward trend being equal. And, in terms of the expected strength of the upward and downward movements, the upward strength is higher, while the downward strength is moderate. Currently, it's in the midst of a correction trend in a downward-trending market with a box pattern of price fluctuations, marked by small increases and downward fluctuations. and The Buy-Sell intensity has changed from a strong buying flow to a suddenly strengthening selling flow.

Indicating that We are currently in a bullish zone so far. But It is likely to change to a bearish zone within a few days. A suitable investing position is 'Buy(Bullish) and Hold' for now. The appropriate buying timing is predicted to be either today or tomorrow.

The buying date is

Nov 10



A good price to buy a stock:

$ 4.52

And the appropriate selling timing is predicted to be in 3 days.


The selling date is

Nov 13


Nov 14

A good price to sell a stock:

$ 5.04

(Prediction may shift due to changes in the Buy-Sell intensity)

Volatility of Prediction

Due to sudden changes in Buy-Sell intensity that can cause instability in trend linkage, pretiming predictions can be highly volatile.

Prediction the turning point of the trend

The probability of a trend reversal occurring approximately 1 day from now, 4 days from now, 6 days from now, 8 days from now


Prediction of Upper~Lower price range over the next 10 days





% Change:




Median price between the upper and lower prices



Analysis of the trend zone & level% and average intensity of trends

For the last 30 days, the average trend zone & level%



The Current trend zone & level%



The expected average trend zone & level% for the next 10 days



If the trend moves upward from the current trend level%, it's expected to have an average upward strength of


(Max 100%)

And if it moves downward, it is expected to have a downward strength of


(Min -100%)

Prediction the intensity of the trend and the range of the HIGH ~ LOW





In 1 day: Entering an uptrend




In 2 days: Uptrend




In 3 days: Entering a correction trend




In 4 days: Entering a correction trend




In 5 days: Correction trend




In 6 days: Entering an uptrend




In 7 days: Uptrend




In 8 days: Entering a correction trend




In 9 days: Correction trend




In 10 days: Correction trend




Average closing price in case of rising:



=> HIGH ~ LOW range:




Average closing price in case of falling:



=> HIGH ~ LOW range:




The 10-day prediction and technical analysis of TMF stock are conducted based on the analysis of buy-sell intensity by the pretiming analysis. This analysis provides detailed information on various aspects, including the best stocks to buy, stock price targets, and investment strategies. It also includes bearish and bullish stock trend analysis as well as stock technical analysis.


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